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Hegel, Schopenhauer & Nietzsche

BBC - Genius of the Modern World - ep 3 - Nietzsche
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So who was Friedrich Nietzsche?   One of the Great Thinkers we look at, Nietzsche was a creator of paradigm shifts with the originality and startling clarity with which he saw the world, our history and our future. However, his ideas were also dangerous given their scope with visions of a world without boundaries emerging out of a decaying social and moral order.

He based these conclusions on a rejection both of Christianity and the whole Christian epoch upon which it was based - for him mankind and humanity had taken a wrong turn both with Christianity 'slave morality' and the Classical scholars upon which it was partly based with Socrates and Aristotle in particular responsible.  His Classicist roots meant he saw pre-Socratic Greece as the ideal society, with many of his visions of the the New Age having. their roots in the 'master morality' he saw as the basis for this era

On the right, our introductory Powerpoint about Nietzsche + his ideas

On the left, the ebook of GOM with accompanying PPs below...

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