Extended essay guides

The extended essay documentation you can find here:

- Top right - EE proposal form Word document

- Left - EE guide from the IB

- Right - Champittet Core document

- Below left - Core bonus points matrix

- Below right - EE Reflection form & guidelines

- Bottom left - World Studies EE requirements

- Bottom centre - EE  examiner rubric

- Bottom right - History EE examples

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Reflections guidelines
World Studies - Global Themes - examples, guidelines..
IB extended essay - examiner mark scheme....
Flow Chart

Grade A examples of previous extended essays in History


A literature review allows you to pause in the EE process and look around you and at the resources you have uncovered.  It should provide you with an opportunity to assess what you have and how it can help you answer your question.  The document below expands on what is required and how to go about completing it...