Art as knowledge - Exhibition trial run


  • Access googledoc by clicking on book icon on the right

  • First name, date and time of googledoc table completion

    - this will help us resolve any issues about items chosen..

  • Which theme are you using? (Good art v Bad art; Art as mirror;  Art as action; Art as persuasion)

  • Choose a relevant prompt from the list of 35 prompts on the handout (pgs 40-41) 

  • Choose an item upon which you will base your exploration of the prompt 


  • This exploration of the prompt must help you explore your overall theme

  • Write out a 250-300 word exploration using personal examples, TOK examples + TOK knowledge/language such as:

      objectivism, subjectivism, universal, culture, genetic, prescriptive, observational, system of knowing, method as knowledge,

      value, depiction, interpretation, representation, reflection, composition, technique, application, protest, action, persuasion….